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The Best Residential Solar Panels According to Forbes Home

According to Forbes Home, here are the top solar panels for your home in 2023!

The Selection Criteria used by the Forbes Team:

The Forbes team developed the list of the best solar panels by first identifying competitors that met basic criteria, then reviewing the 12 most widely available residential panels from that list and scoring them all based on 42 different attributes. We further pared their list down to the top five panels. The final ratings take into consideration factors like wattage available, residential batteries available, customer service, guarantee/warranty and maximum efficiency. All ratings are determined solely by the editorial team.

The Best Overall Brand – SunPower

Although SunPower panels and systems have slightly higher price tags than their competitors, the benefits outweigh the costs, especially for homes that require high-output panels and equipment. The company is a PVEL top performer with power production of up to 440W per paneland a battery system that can store enough energy to keep your home running for up to 3 days.

The Best for Warm Climates – Panasonic Solar

Panasonic panels produce up to a respectable 22.2% efficiency rating. Truly impressive, though, is their temperature coefficient stated at -0.26% per degree Celsius for the panels we reviewed, which makes Panasonic panels an excellent choice for powering homes in hotter climates.

The Most Popular Brand – Q Cells

Q Cells manufactures solar panels and systems with up to 405 watts of power per panel and budget-friendly pricing. Despite being less efficient than other top panel producers, at 20.6%, Q Cells panels are still listed as PVEL top performers. After ten years of service, they continue to produce 93.5% of their power, but that percentage drops to 86 after 25 years.

The Best Value Brand – Canadian Solar

Canadian Solar is next on our list for its budget-friendly solar power approach. The company produces solar panels with up to 460 watts of power per panel, efficiency ratings that max out at 22.50% and low-temperature coefficient numbers of about -0.26%, all with affordable pricing. Canadian offers both monocrystalline and polycrystalline solar panel options.

However, before making a decision, know that some of Canadian Solar’s warranties are shorter than industry standards. Some panel product warranties are just 12 years and the company only offers 25-year output warranties of 83.1%.

The Most Powerful Brand – REC Solar

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