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About Yuda

Yuda /yü-da/ comes from the Spanish word ayudar which means to help.

Our mission is to make renewable energy easy by helping buyers and sellers of sustainable energy solutions, such as solar panel systems, through access to digital marketing tools and information resources in support of all market participants.

Our Vision

We want to make participating in the clean energy transition as easy as ordering take out food online by providing a platform where potential customers are connected with reputable renewable energy technology service providers.

Every individual has a role to play in addressing climate change, and we want to facilitate the development of the retail market by bridging information gaps and improving marketing at scale.

Our Solution

An online marketplace that provides end users and service providers easy to use digital tools and information to facilitate the adoption of energy technology solutions such as rooftop solar.

Our platform aims to target a nascent segment featuring:

Market information inefficiencies
No standard consumer buying experience
Limited industry level data