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How do I Choose Inverters?

Solar inverter is a simple device that converts one type of electrical energy to another. In the solar power system, an inverter is critical to enable powering up the typical home appliances. These two electrical energy and inverter converts are direct current (DC) and alternating current (AC). DC are typically used in powering small items and the usual type of energy used in a solar power system while AC can be transmitted in long power lines better so the better choice in our power lines, hence in our home appliances. 

An inverter or a DC-AC converter converts the DC electrical energy produced by the solar panels or stored in the batteries to AC electrical energy for your home usage. Some of the types of solar inverters are the following: 

  • Standard String Inverters are the most commonly used inverters so they are easily accessible. A string inverter converts DC electricity from a single or string of solar panel sets to AC electricity. Indoor and outdoor inverters are available depending on the location of the inverter.  
  • Micro Inverters are small inverters that are installed in the back of each solar panel to optimize the energy conversion. While having a micro inverter per panel is efficient, the configuration is more expensive than with the standard string inverter. Best application would be with irregular shade from sunlight as every panel’s energy output is collected individually, low output panels will not negatively impact the other. 
  • Hybrid Inverters are functioning as standard string inverters but with the capability of feeding the excess energy generated by the solar panels to the battery storage. This is a good option for off-grid and hybrid solar power system types. The multiple functionality makes hybrid inverters more expensive. 
Standard String InvertersMicro InvertersHybrid Inverters
ApplicationTypical on-grid solar systemSmall number of solar panels with irregular shade profileOff-grid and hybrid solar power system

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